Cartridges accepted for recycling Summer 2011

Here is a list of the ink cartridges you can return to recycling factory during Summer 2011. If your cartridge is not on this list, please do not send it to us as we will be unable to process it.

If you want to see more details about a particular code, a photo of the product or perhaps even buy a recycled cartridge then click on the cartridge name in the table below:

Canon Original
Canon BC02 BC02
Canon BC05 BC05
Canon BX3 BX3
Canon CL41 CL41
Canon CL51 CL51
Canon PG37 PG37
Canon CL38 CL38
Canon PG40 PG40
Canon PG50 PG50
Canon PG510 PG510
Canon CL511 CL511
Hewlett-Packard Original
HP15 Black C6615D
HP17 Colour HPC6625A
HP45 Black HP51645AE
HP78 Colour HPC6578A
HP78 Colour XL HP6578A/DN
HP78+ Colour HPC6578D
HP56 Black HPC6656A
HP56 (Small) HPC6656A
HP57 Colour HPC6657A
HP57+ Colour C6657A-CL
HP57 (Small) C6657GE
HP27 Black HPC8727A
HP28 Colour HPC8728A
HP23 Colour HPC1823D
HP338 Black HPC8765EE
HP338 Black (Small) HPC8765EE
HP343 Colour HPC8766EE
HP344 Colour HPC9363EE
HP110 Colour HPCB304A
HP21 Black HP9351A
HP21 Black XL HPC9351C
HP21 (Small) HPC9351G
HP21 (Intro) HPC9351
HP22 Colour (Small) HPC9352A
HP22 Colour HPC9352A
HP22 Colour XL HPC9352C
HP22 (Intro) HPC9352
HP336 Black HPC9362E
HP337 Black HPC9364E
HP337 (Small) HPC9364EE
HP342 Colour HPC9361E
HP350 Black CB335E
HP350 Black (Small) CB335E
HP350 Black XL CB336E
HP351 Colour CB337E
HP351 Colour XL HP351XL
HP300 Colour HP300
HP300 Intro HP300
HP300XL Black HP300XL
HP300XL Colour HP300XL
HP88XL Black C9396A
HP88XL Cyan C9391A
HP88XL Magenta C9392A
HP88XL Yellow C9393A
HP363 Black HC C8719E
HP300 Black Intro HPCC640EE
HP901 Black CC653AE
HP901 Black XL CC654AE
HP901 Colour CC656AE
Lexmark Original
Lexmark No 34 Black 18C0034
Lexmark No 35 Colour 18C0035
Lexmark No 3 Colour 18C0783
Lexmark 16 10N0016
Lexmark 26 10N0026
Dell Original
Dell M4640 Black M4640
Dell M4646 Colour M4646
Dell T0529 Black T0529
Dell T0530 Colour T0530
Samsung Original
Samsung M10 Black M10
Samsung M40 Black M40
Canon CL41 CL41
Canon CL41 Non Virgin CL41
Canon CL38 CL38
Canon CL38 Non Virgin CL38
Canon PG40 PG40
Canon PG40 Non Virgin PG40
Canon PG510 PG510
Canon PG510 Non Virgin PG510
Canon CL511 CL511
Canon CL511 Non Virgin CL511