Why recycle ink cartridges?

Printer cartridges are consumables, but they can easily be recycled (refurbished and refilled). The biggest challenge is collecting the empty cartridges.

By returning your empty cartridges for recycling you are ensuring a ready supply of empties and that in turn helps to keep the prices low (supply and demand).

Returning printer cartridges to us is easy, just follow these three steps to recycle your cartridges.

Ink Factory recycling

We have updated our list of cartridges accepted for recycling.

Please review the latest ink cartridge recycling guide: ink cartridges we recycle before returning items to the recycling factory, we regret that we cannot accept items not on that list.

Buy printer inks at Ink Factory

Ink Factory stock a full range of genuine inks and recycled or compatible cartridges for every popular make and model of printer (toner for laser printers too). Popular inkjet brands include Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak and Lexmark; you’ll find the toner cartridges here.

About Ink Factory

Ink Factory is one of the oldest online-only retailers of printer cartridges in the UK with more than a decade of experience in selling recycled cartridges and thousands of positive reviews. Read more about Ink Factory and be sure to look out for Ink Factory voucher codes for discounts on recycled ink cartridges. In 2013 Ink Factory made the world’s first 3D printed ink cartridges using a 3D printer from Makerbot.